Cutter stocks


Cutter stocks are another specialism of Orim Energy. Our industry experts have decades of experience and an excellent track record in cutter stock trading. As a result, we have in-depth market knowledge and long-term relationships with our business partners. So we can move quickly to source cutter stocks for our ULSFO and VLSFO blending – and market cutter products to refineries.

Why cutter stocks?

Cutter stocks are oil and oil-related (by)products used to thin oil. They are typically used to reduce viscosity to produce on-spec European fuel oils. But they can also be blended to reduce sulphur content and produce low sulphur fuel oils. As leading ULSFO supplier for ARA, this is how we use most of our cutters: to blend our own high-grade marine fuels.

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Our Cutter Stocks

We collect our cutter stocks from Northwest Europe: clean bulk cutter stocks for blending by barges and other cutter products from the petrochemical and chemical industry arriving by truck. For reception and storage, we use our tank terminal in the Rotterdam and Antwerp area. While we use most of our cutter stocks to blend high-grade ULSFO/VLSFO, we also distribute cutters – to refineries and large bunker fuel blenders.

If you are looking to buy or sell cutter stocks, we’d love to hear from you!

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